Welcome to the world

Goldie Jane Ulrich

We're going into the hospital to start the process on April 27th. If Goldie’s timing is as good as Henry’s we'll be there 3 days, but we’re hoping she’s a little quicker (and...daintier – Henry was 10lb 5oz). Sherree's guess is 8lb 14oz (her birth weight). Brad's guess is 9lb 2oz.

Sherree and Goldie.

Update 4/28 11:42am: She's here! She weighs 8 lbs 11 oz. She and mom are happy & healthy! I'm writing this from my phone holding her now.

Jane is Sherree’s middle name. Henry’s middle name is James, after Brad’s middle name. Sorry, hypothetical 3rd kid – we’re fresh out of middle names now.

Goldie Jane practicing her mean mug to match her brother.

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Brad Sherree

The best way you can help us right now would be to bring us some food. We have a deep freeze so freezer-friendly meals are awesome too.

Text Brad, since Sherree will deservedly be resting.


8 lb 11 oz
19.5 inches